Sunday, July 25, 2010

Utah: Week 3

This week was packed with so many fun activities. My dad was in town for the week and we made the most of everyday. Here goes:

My cute daddy holding Scarlett

On Monday night we did a triple date night. We ate at Ruth's Chris- so good!!!

On Tuesday night we went to the rodeo. My mom bought the kids some real cowboy/cowgirl getup. President Monson was at the rodeo wearing a cowboy hat with his suit- so cute!

Wednesday night we went to the most amazing birthday party I have ever been to! There were reptiles and magicians and snow cones and face painting and a huge blow up slide and snow cones and cotton candy and cupcakes. Happy Birthday to my cousins Tucker and Megan. Thanks Joanne for hosting the event!

Friday night we went up to my Grandpa's cabin. I wish we had more pictures of the tinfoil dinners and s'mores made in the fire pit or our game night or french toast with homemade syrup breakfast or our trip to the spring for ice cold refreshing drinks or platform swing jumps etc, etc. Instead, I have many, many pictures of Ammon and Steve trying for over an hour to catch a mouse. Unfortunately, the end score was mouse: 1, Ammon and Steve: 0. I hadn't been to the cabin for probably 12 years so it was good to get up there and to share it with my fam. Loo- always fun to hang with you. All in all, it was a great adventure. We went to the demolition derby on the way home. Fun times!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Utah: Week 2

Again, another great week!!! This week I got to see my fun sister-in-law Sarah, my brother-in-law Sambo (who I forgive and love once again :)), my gorgeous (you're gorgeous, alright) cousins Squemmy and Lyndsey, my Aunt Suzi's fam, and spend time with my mama and my sister and my little family. It's been so fun!!! Here are the pics to prove it. Oh, and I also made an exciting purchase this week- you'll see!

There was also a waxing party that Loo lead but no one would let me post pics (EVERYONE waxed at least something)!

A trip to the children's museum with my cousins Squem and Lynds and their cute kiddles. It was so much fun to see them!!!!

Curry Night!!! It was so fun to see my Aunt Suzi, my cousin Deedles, my cousin Lar Lar and their families. Good food, good company!!!

My sis-in-law Sarah and Tyler doing some serious coloring!!!

Cute Nana and Ry Guy T

Skipbo with Grandpa Wallin!!!!! Brings back such good memories from when I was a kid.

My mama and her cute parents!

My Kiddles got bug catchers. So far their brave mom has caught a moth, an orange beetle, and 4 rolly polly bugs (or as Ryder calls them Rolly Coasties).

One night Ammon and I took the kids over to Gateway to play in the fountains. I love hanging with my little fam!

My best friends!!!!!

Ryder has spent so much time on my mom's ipad this week that Ammon has officially changed the name of it to the RyPad. He LOVES it!!!!


And finally- I BOUGHT A SCOOTER!!!!! It has been so fun taking rides with Ammon and my kids. Loo and I even got to take a ride on our bikes together.