Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Now THAT is embarrassing!

Disclaimer: OK, don't read this blog if you are a former Y.W. of mine, or if you're a former bishop of mine, or if you're someone who would never believe me capable of saying a naughty word- don't want to shatter the image :)

So for the last 6-7 months, we have been dealing with an issue with one of our kids. I won't go into detail but just say that this issue can be very frustrating, to say the least. So one day a few months back, Ammon was out of town, and the said child was at his/her worst- giving me a big fat run for my money (not sure that expression even makes sense as I am an unpaid stay-at-home-mom but you get the point)!!! I had reached my limit. I had just finished dealing with an episode and I was so angry and frustrated I was literally shaking. I promise, it takes quite a bit to get me to that level- WE WERE THERE!!! I climbed into my car and reached for my cell- I was in serious need of some vent-age! Ammon and I leave our IM on all day and that's pretty much our form of communication from the hours of 5:30 am to 5:30 pm. Keep in mind, I was MAD as a hornet. So I typed, "I am not doing this anymore. This is B*LL S#!T!!!!" But I didn't use cute symbols or abbreviate or omit letters- I didn't want there to be any confusion!!! Now, keep in mind, prior to having kids, I had only said 2 bad words in my whole life and they were on accident (not in anger or frustration, just a slip up). Well, a few seconds later, my phone rang and it was Ammon- calling to talk me off the cliff. After we got to a better place, right before we were about to hang up, Ammon said casually, "Oh listen how funny, when you sent me that IM, I was giving a presentation and so my computer screen was projected on the board. I was laughing pretty hard." Well, if my bad words earlier had not been justified (although I still stand by my choice to use them) I now had a really good reason to swear. OK, so now I get to be the crazy wife at home having a nervous breakdown. Hope the people in NY whom Ammon was meeting with enjoyed the spectacle!!! Ammon still promises me he clicked it closed before anyone saw. I wonder if he made that up so I wouldn't do anything drastic to the kids or myself before he could get back in town. I love life!