Sunday, September 27, 2009

Staying True to His Roots

Ryder's hair has gotten a little long and wispy over the past few months so I asked him if he wanted a hair cut and he said yes. I asked him what kind of hair cut he wanted and he said a mullet, so we started with a mullet, then about half way through he said, "dad, I think I would prefer a sweet rat tail like we saw on all the kids at Canyon Lake." So I crafted a little rat tail, and in the end he settled on a good old fashion buzz. Who knew 2 year olds had such opinions on hair style. Okay, in reality poor Ryder just has a mean dad who wishes he himself could sport a mulli!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

T-Ball 09 Plus a Concussion

So this day was an eventful one for our Boston Boy! He started out this morning falling off our counter head first onto the tile floor. After listening to Bos cry for 2 hours straight mixed with watching him on the verge of falling asleep- we decided it would be best to take him to the ER to be safe. He has/had a concussion- poor little buzzard. Of course, once we got to the ER, he fell asleep pretty quickly and then woke up a whole new man. By the time we left 4 hours later, he was running around the room and wresting with Ryder. Sometimes I truly believe the only way for your kid to truly recover from an injury or sickness is to take them to the hospital. If you stay home, they will continue to be injured or in pain until you go to the hospital and pay a copay, then the recovery begins- usually before the doc even arrives. Anywho, I'm just glad he's ok! Tonight, he had his first T-ball practice. Normally we probably would have sat it out due to the events of the morning but Boston has been looking forward to T-ball for weeks and plus, you can't miss the first practice! Here are a few pics from T-ball.