Monday, July 27, 2009

A Day to Remember!!

Today was Tyler's first day of school. It was a bittersweet day for us. Tyler will do great in school and I know she is ready to start learning and socializing in Kindergarten. BUT, I'm sad I don't get to be with her all day, every day. The house won't seem whole until 2:50pm each day when she comes home. I'm so excited for all the adventures she will have in school but also nervous about all the junk and outside influence that comes with going out into the world. Tyler girl, we are so proud of you. We love you so much!!! Now hurry home to us!

Lunch Time

Home from School!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pictures from the Last 2 Months Since I Will Never Get Them All Blogged. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Though, Right?

He Just Wants a Backpack So Bad

This last week, Tyler and Boston received backpacks in the mail from their nana in anticipation of the new school year starting this week. I love these new backpacks because they have offered hours of entertainment. Unfortunately, Ryder also loves these new backpacks. He has been following Tyler and Boston around in hopes of getting a turn to sport the new backpack. Tyler and Boston have been really good sports and have shared really well but sometimes, kids just want their own backpacks. Luckily, Ammon is a quick thinker and with his own two hands and with materials from around the house, made Ryder his very own backpack. I'm impressed!
Loo- I think Ryder is still going to take you up on the backpack offer when we are in Utah.

And We Will Call Her Diamond

No! Not the new baby!! The lizard. Boston's new favorite hobby is catching lizards in our backyard. He LOVES it! Everyday, he says, "Dad, is it time yet to go catch lizards." It's kind of Ammon's and Boston's after work activity. So last night, we had a curry party (those who don't know the Blodgett family will need an explanation. We make a big ol' batch of chicken curry and eat it with friends and family- we've done it for 30 plus years. I will talk to friends who we lived by 20 plus years ago and they will ask if we still make our curry.) Anywho, our guests last night were Ammon's sister Rachelle and her family, and Ammon's brother Nate's wife Marie and her kiddles. It was quite the group! Boston caught a lizard and immediate the girls (Tyler, Annie- 7 yr old cousin, and Olivia-4 year old cousin) took the lizard upstairs in a cup to play with. I warned several times- "Tyler- DO NOT LOSE THAT LIZARD UPSTAIRS!" The good news or the bad news first? The good news, they didn't lose the lizard. The bad news, well let me just show you.

Enough said on that topic because I don't really know why 3 little girls would think it was a good idea to paint with nail polish a lizard... other than it looks pretty- maybe that's reason enough.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swim Lessons

Before I even start, I have to admit, I was warned! I was warned that the first 3-4 days of swim lessons would be a bit "difficult". Well, they were! Last week, Tyler (5), Boston (4), and Ryder (2) had their first week of swim lessons. We went to the pool Tuesday with high hopes of Olympic swimmers in days. Ryder was first. He cried and tried to get out of the pool for the entire 30 min. By the time his lesson was over, I was soaking wet... and angry and tired. Next was Tyler. She did great. Last was Boston. During the hour that he waited for his lesson to start, he went from excited with a pinch of nervousness to scared out of his mind and ready to go home. Ammon warned him if he didn't get in the pool, he would lose every privilege he had. He didn't care. We finally corned him and handed him over to his teacher Kim who I must say is AMAZING. She taught Ammon to swim 30 plus years ago. She's a pro and has dealt with many a sad/scared/angry kid. She doesn't take any crap- I love it! During Boston's lesson, he escaped from the pool and said, "Dad, can we just say a prayer." It was actually pretty sweet but didn't buy him more than about 30 seconds out of the water. We survived day 1 and I was feeling pretty OK about life. Then, day 2 came. Boston started on the way to lessons telling me he didn't want to go. We got there and as I wrestled Ryder into the pool, Boston was telling me over and over how much he didn't want to do his lesson. I was a bit flustered and told him to please go sit on one of the chairs and I would talk to him in a few minutes. Well, a few minutes later, I realized Boston was no where to be found. I checked the pool first. Then all around the pool and Kim's house. I even opened the door into her house and yelled "Boston, you get over here RIGHT NOW!!!". No answer! I handed my screaming Ryder over to my sister-in-law Rachelle who luckily has kids in the same classes as my kids! Thankfully, she dealt with him for the next 20 min while I searched frantically for Boston. I drove the neighborhood, walked the premises of the house, looked in the house. He was NOWHERE!!! Finally, after about 20 min, he came walking into the backyard saying, "Mom, I have to go potty." He later showed me where he had been hiding (across the street, down a few houses, in the bushes!!!). He really didn't want to go to swim lessons! Ironically, that was the day it all changed for him and he ended up loving swim lessons. Ryder had a change of heart the next day. So, by the end of week 1- I had 3 kids anxious and excited for swim lessons!!!

As a side note, we decided to let our kids go try out what they had learned from lessons that week at the public pool by our house. All were playing and having a great time until Boston came over to me and said, "Mom, I frew up in the pool." What! He was right next to me. I would have seen if my kid chucked in the pool. I was trying to get the story straight when I heard a lifeguard yell, "Will everyone please clear the area; there has been an accident." They couldn't possibly be doing this because of my kid, right? He swallowed a little too much water and spit it up. Oh geez!! Then over the load speaker I hear, "Due to an accident, will everyone please evacuate the pool. Repeat, due to an accident, will everyone please evacuate the pool." And by everyone I mean, all 200 people!!

It was a rough swim week. Let's hope for better ones to come as we now live in AZ and that's what you do when you live in AZ- you swim!