Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Boston

Before the day ends in about an hour, I just wanted to give a big birthday shout to my baby Boston. Because we are in the middle of a move (our house is completely empty and we are living out of suitcases), I can't post any pictures of my big 4 year old because the camera is somewhere between here and AZ on a moving truck. But I didn't want to let the day slip by without letting my Bossie know how much I love him! He is such a funny, sweet, cute little buzzard. We are lucky and blessed to have him as part of our family. Here are the first 4 things I can think of that I love about Boston-

1. He is very sensitive to others' feelings. He hates to see anyone sad or upset. He makes it his job to make sure everyone is always happy.

2. He is my big helper. He always asks me to give him jobs to do. He is killer at laundry!

3. If you don't know Boston very well, you think he is a really quiet kid. He is not! I love all the noise he brings to our house (sometimes I forget I love it but when it's quiet at night and I think about it, it makes me smile).

4. He loves his daddy so much! Boston wants to be just like Ammon and I love that about him because that's a good person to want to be like.

Boston- you're my sweet angel. I love you so much. Happy 4th!