Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weak Easter Performance

I owe my children an apology. Thankfully they are young and will forgive me, but this Easter was the weakest one yet. I have been in Memphis for almost a month now receiving some training so Brooke has been holding down the fort solo (and doing an amazing job might I add). I flew home Friday night late. We spent Saturday running around as a family and celebrating my Father in Law's birthday Saturday evening in true Blodgett fashion. Yes Curry party. Around 8pm we decided we still needed to color Easter eggs which took about 20 min because we only boiled 12.

Our Easter morning started with me and Brooke rushing around the family room hiding the 11 eggs (yeah Boston broke one) and one bag of mini candy bars and discovering our camera battery wwas dead. The kids didn't have Easter baskets just a weak 11 eggs hunt in the comfort of their own home. We will do better next year. I did manage to have a quick quiz and refresher course with them on why we really celebrate Easter and what Resurrection means before family prayer so it wasn't a complete failure.