Monday, March 30, 2009

Got Annoying???

I just have to get this off my chest. It's been bother me for a few years now. It seems that it just keeps coming back into my life. You know the milk slogan: Got Milk? Can I tell you how annoying it is that EVERYONE uses that slogan for their various companies. It DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! First of all, I didn't even think it was that good of a line when Milk used it but for some reason, everyone else in the world loved it so much they decided it would be their slogan for their various companies too. Got Termites? (for a pest control company). Got Hair? (for a hair loss product). Got Jink (for a junk removal service). I even saw one today that said, Got Pregnant? (for some helpline for teen mothers- are you kidding me??). Here's a rule all should follow- if you have a company of your own, find your own tag line. Got Milk? is milk's tag line. STOP USING GOT then whatever the product is. Be original, be creative. OK, I can now move forward with my life.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

This last weekend I went on the best date with Dad! Life is so busy and crazy all the time so it was really cool to be able to spend some one on one time with just my dad! He picked me up Friday morning at 5:50am and we headed to the Lexington, KY airport. We boarded the plane headed to Atlanta and then onto Miami. Unfortunately, the plane took so long to de-ice in Lex that by the time they were done, Atlanta had stopped all planes from landing there because of weather issues. By the time we made it to Atlanta, our flight to Miami had already left. Normally, we would have just jumped on the next flight out but quickly found that that would not happen as it was spring break and every flight to Miami and surrounding airports were oversold for the rest of the day. With some hard work, my dad was able to secure us two seats to Sarasota, FL. Once there, we rented a car and drove 3 hours to Miami. We stayed at the Trump International Hotel and after dropping our bags off in our room, headed to the spa. We both got massages which were so relaxing and awesome!! After that, we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Next, my dad asked my what I was going to bring my kids home from my trip. I hadn't figured that out yet so we went shopping and he picked out some really cute clothes for my babies. It was so sweet to see him pick things out for my kids because normally that is something my mom and I do. It was fun to have that experience with my dad. After that, we went back to the hotel and crashed! The next morning we had breakfast by the beach. Following that, we went and got pedicures. Then, we headed over to the American Airlines Arena for a Utah Jazz/Miami Heat showdown. Unfortunately, the Jazz lost in triple overtime! We then headed to the airport and flew back to Lexington. I had such a fun and relaxing weekend. I will remember it FOREVER!!! I love you dad and I am so grateful for the person you are. You always put your family first! Whenever I am upset, you always know the right things to say and do to help me feel calm (not that I was upset this weekend, it's just a quality in you that I really love!). I love the papa you are to my kids. They adore you and so do I! Thanks for the fun weekend!!!!!

PS- I also have to give a huge thanks to Ammon who stepped in and took over my responsibilities so I could have such a fun weekend away. I love you Ammon!
PPS- And as always, thanks to my mom who always helps with whatever needs helping with. I don't know what I would do without you mom!!! I love you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mother Knows Best... or Not

Brooke: "Boston, get over here right now!"

Boston: "I can't!"
Brooke: "Yes you can. Now hurry."
Boston: "Mom, I can't!"
Brooke: "Boston! Now!"
Boston: "But I can't."
Brooke: "If I have to come get you, you're going to be in big trouble. Now get over here!"
Boston: "I'm stuck."
Brooke: "That's it! I'm coming up there and you're in trouble."

Upon entering the room, the guilt set in immediately. Who knew he really couldn't come and wasn't just being a 3 year old.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The World is a Playground

Up until last Thursday, my kids favorite new hangout was the garage. They discovered that even if it's freezing cold outside, it's not so bad in the garage. Usually I would back my car out so they had lots of room to play but on that day, my car was in the garage just innocently parking. My kids like to spend garage time riding bikes and scooters, pretending to go fishing, or turning the music up in their power wheels and dancing. There was also another activity in which they were engaged, one I didn't know about but would soon discover. I was peacefully reading a book on my bed. Ryder was asleep; Tyler and Boston were playing in the garage. I was just thinking about how nice it was to have a few moments to myself when all of a sudden I heard a loud thud and then Tyler screaming at the top of her lungs. I lunged off my bed, slid in my socks through the hallway, and threw open the door to the garage- nervous to see what I would find. Tyler was screaming but was also walking over to me so that was a good sign. I shouted over her screaming, "Tyler, what happened?" Her response? "It was Boston's idea." Boston was just watching the whole mess unfold looking a little nervous. After I took inventory of both of my kids, I noticed my car. The top of it was covered with shoes and fishing poles and bike helmets and rain boots. I started to piece things together. I figured, Tyler and Boston were playing on top of my car, and she feel off and landed on the cement garage floor. I was terrified. I was thinking what if she would have landed on her head or her neck or her back? I was a little freaked out. At this point, Ammon came out to see what all the commotion was about. Once he knew everyone was OK physically, he started to take all the items off the top of my car. While checking my car for scratches and dents, he noticed that the back windshield wiper had been broken off and was hanging from the back. Still, my kids hadn't fessed up to what happened so based on the evidence, we concurred that my kids were using the garage door ledges to hoist themselves up onto my back bumper. At that point, they would use the windshield wiper as a step to climb onto the top of my car. Tyler was mid climb when the wiper broke and she skidded down the back of our garage til she landed on the ground. Seriously, what are kids thinking?? Luckily, my windshield wiper got the majority of the injuries. It makes me sick to think what could have happened. Needless to say, the garage is currently off limits for playing until further notice.