Monday, February 16, 2009


What is it about a box of cereal that screams, "dump me out and step all over me repeatedly"?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Something like that!

Brooke- "Tyler, I have a big job for you. I need you to put on your shoes and coat and put a card in Stephanie's mailbox and Patty's mailbox."

Tyler- "WOW, Mom! That's a big responsilation."

Monday, February 9, 2009

Where's Ryder?

My kids were playing outside in the backyard, and when I went outside to tell them it was time to come in the house, Ryder ran into some bushes and hid behind a power box thing. I was laughing so hard. He was seriously trying to hide from me so he wouldn't have to come in. It's so scary kids do this at age 1!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooke!!

Today is Brooke's Birthday. Brooke is amazing in so many ways, but today since she is turning 25, I will list 31 of my favorite things about Brooke.

Brooke Is;

  1. Hot! (thought I would get the shallow one out of the way first)
  2. one of the most thoughtful people I know
  3. really funny
  4. A great mom
  5. very organized
  6. always on-time, which is amazes me with 3 small children
  7. wicked smart
  8. a good friend
  9. creative (even though she doesn't think she is
  10. hardcore in the gym
  11. a fun date
  12. compassionate
  13. great at her church calling
  14. addicted to reading
  15. better than me at changing diapers (my favorite line "Brooke does Ryder smell to you?"
  16. fun to travel with
  17. one of the fastest getting ready girls I know
  18. looks amazing in heels
  19. patient with me
  20. forgiving
  21. a great Christlike example
  22. good at remembering to say her prayer
  23. very good with money
  24. makes cheap clothes look expensive
  25. really 31 today but still looks 12 :)
  26. good at giving compliments to people
  27. hot as a blond, a brunette, or a redhead
  28. a good cook
  29. an awesome wife
  30. a great kisser (any ex-boyfriends blog stalking knows what I mean)
  31. my best friend

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mild KY Winters

When I moved to KY almost 7 years ago my Father-in-law was bragging about the mild KY winters.  That winter we had one of the worst ice storms Lexington has had, so we like to tease him about the mild KY winters.  Last week we had another ice storm.  You may have seen it on the news.  The good news is this one was not as bad as the first one we went through.  We were very fortunate to keep power the entire time and only had a little damage cause by trees falling down in the back yard. Here are some pictures of our mild winter.

Brooke's Pre-Birthday Birthday Party

We celebrated Brooke's birthday tonight with her family since her favorite sister Lacey was in town.  Her real birthday is on Friday so I will wait and brag about how awesome she is on Friday.  I love her more than anything and think she is pretty cool.  Here are some pictures from the night.

Lacey, Tyler, and Boston doing a puzzle

Brooke blowing out the candles
Lacey, Tyler, and Ryder getting ready for cake
Brooke, and my hot mother-in-law. She makes the best cake
Brooke opening gifts
Brooke, Tyler, and Boston

Boston getting in on the picture action
Brooke opening present from Ty and Mindy

Tyler so proud of the card she made Brooke